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Islamic Podcasts for Little Ears

I've recently introduced podcasts to my 4 year old. Although a parent reading a book is always better for their literacy skills, that requires the lights to be on! I've found that reading a book first and then listening to a podcast while laying down tucked in bed is helpful for our routine. It helps him (and sometimes me!) learn more about Islam. Plus it's not screen time but I can step away if his younger brother needs me.

Here are my favorites thus far:

*7 Stories-- This is a podcast series that features 7 minute stories for kids. These stories are designed for Muslim children but are more light-hearted and are not traditional Quranic stories. What I love about them is that they feature Muslim kids in every day life. That's a big thumbs up in my book since there are not many Muslim kids where we live.

*Bedtime Stories by Safar Publications. This series features stories that are 2-3 minutes long. Each story focuses on a different prophet or different Quranic stories. This podcast seems to have ended in 2016 but the podcasts are all still up there.

*Little Muslims by Nada Osman is my favorite podcast for my kids thus far. What I like about this episode is it is interactive. Every episode includes questions at the end that you can talk to your kids about. You can even have your child record the answers to the questions and email them to and then Nada will feature them on the podcast. We haven't done this yet but plan to do it soon In Sha Allah. I'm sure Kyle would love hearing his voice on the podcast! This is a new podcast and has five episodes up as of April 2019. The first five episodes focus on the birth of Prophet Muhammad (AS) all the way up to when he met Khadijah.

What other podcasts do your kids listen to?

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